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Tetanus vaccination is recommended every 10 years. According to current CDC guidelines, an adult should receive a pertussis booster (Tdap) at least once (protection against whooping cough diminishes over time; the pertussis vaccine prevents adults from getting whooping cough and spreading the potentially fatal disease to infants). The CDC recommends that pregnant women receive Tdap at 27-36 weeks of gestation.

Tetanus Vaccination at Surya IMC

Surya IMC offers two options with respect to tetanus vaccination:

  1. Tetanus (Td) ($55, cash/credit/debit)
  2. Tetanus with Pertussis (Tdap) ($85, cash/credit/debit)
Steps for Tetanus Vaccination – Quick and Tolerable (expect soreness at the shoulder injection site for about 3 days)
  1. Just walk in.
  2. Complete a one-page registration form.
  3. Payment will be collected upon registration.
  4. The vaccine will be administered.
  5. A record of the vaccination will be provided to you.