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    Hours: Mon-Fri, 9-3; Sat, 9-12, Ph: 518-867-8080, x4

Drug Screens

Surya IMC performs drug screens on a walk-in basis only (not by appointment) during the following hours:

Monday-Friday: 9 am-Noon • Saturday: 9 am-10 am

Four drug screen options are offered:

  • DOT urine panel (federal)
  • non-DOT 5-panel urine (forensic)
  • non-DOT 9-panel urine (forensic)
  • 5-panel hair (forensic).

Urine drug screens are $70; hair drug screens are $100. An email address is needed to provide results. Expect urine drug screen results in 2-5 business days and hair drug screen results in 5-7 business days.

[Note for US Coast Guard applicants: we can complete the DOT/USCG PERIODIC DRUG TESTING FORM (form CG-719P). A USCG drug screen is $70; a USCG physical is $150.]

Surya IMC uses certified collectors and abides by the highest collection standards, including the use of a specially designed urine drug screen bathroom.

Basic Protocol

  • Upon arrival, the donor will complete a one-page registration form and make payment (urine-$70; hair-$100).
  • The donor will need to present a form of photo ID (one of the following):
    1. Driver’s license (required for DOT driver drug screens)
    2. Passport
    3. Employee ID
    4. Student ID
  • Please provide an email address for the results (urine results: 2-5 business days; hair results: 5-7 business days)

The photo ID will remain in the possession of the collector for the duration of the drug screen collection.

Hair Screens at Surya IMC

  1. The donor will be brought back to a lab room where hair will be cut, typically from the crown of the head, close to the scalp (even though the hair screen is often referred to as a hair follicle test, we do not actually yank out hair by the roots). If the scalp does not provide sufficient hair for the test, the hair specimen will be taken from the armpits, extremities, and/or torso.
  2. The paperwork/electronic form will be completed.
  3. The specimen will be sealed into a specimen bag and locked in a specimen box for courier pick-up.
  4. The donor will leave with the photo ID.

Urine Screens at Surya IMC

  1. The donor will be asked to empty their pockets and place personal items (exception: wallet) into a locker (the donor will retain the locker key throughout the collection process).
  2. The donor will be asked to urinate into a collection cup in a specially designed bathroom (flush button outside of bathroom; dry wall ceiling; bluing tablet discolors toilet water; otherwise no access to water). The cup measures if the urine temperature is within the normal range of 90°-100°F.
  3. The donor will have four minutes to provide a urine specimen in the collection cup. If the donor is unable to provide an adequate specimen in the time allotted, the collector will direct the donor to drink water (the donor is not allowed to leave Surya IMC’s facility; leaving the facility automatically disqualifies the donor and ends the test). Donors who are unable to provide an adequate specimen on the initial attempt are allowed three hours to provide an adequate specimen.
  4. After providing an adequate specimen, the donor will be taken with the urine specimen to a collection station where the paperwork/electronic form will be completed.
  5. The specimen will be sealed into a specimen bag and locked in a specimen box for courier pick-up.
  6. The donor will depart with the photo ID and personal items from the locker (leaving the key behind).