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Immigration Physicals – $200 (not through insurance; cash/credit/debit only)

Immigration Physicals for all ages are conducted by a male physician at Surya IMC on a walk-in basis, Monday-Friday between 8:45 am and 6 pm (and Saturday morning by appointment only: call 518-867-8080, x4). For non-English-speaking adults, an interpreter will be provided at no charge (please notify us at 518-867-8080, x4). Please note that family members are not allowed to interpret.

Dr. Giridhar Kamath (male) is a licensed U.S. civil surgeon performing immigration physicals. Ultimately, a completed I-693 form will be provided in a sealed envelope. The process typically requires 23 visits over 3-5 business days.

When presenting for an Immigration Physical, bring the following:

  1. Valid government-issued picture ID (i.e. passport, driver’s license, state ID); please note that school IDs do not qualify
  2. Immunization records, if available (i.e. MMR [2 shots], Tetanus [within 10 years], Flu [during flu season from October through March]; we do not call for records)
  3. Medical records, if available (i.e. vaccine records, prior treatment for tuberculosis)
  4. Laboratory studies, if available:  RPR and Gonorrhea (both not older than 1 year) for ages 15-and-older; measles/mumps/rubella/varicella titers***; Quantiferon Gold (TB)
  5. Insurance card, if available for processing lab studies [RPR, Gonorrhea, titers, Quantiferon Gold (TB)]; you will be sent to a lab with a script
  6. Eyeglasses, if applicable (for eye exam)

***Please inform us whether you have previously had chicken pox (varicella). If so, a varicella titer is not needed.

The following are required to complete the I-693 form:

  1. Physical examination[$200] (includes brief exam of external genitalia and review of health history); please bring your eyeglasses!
  2. Tetanus vaccine[$85 for Tdap], not older than 10 years
  3. Quantiferon Gold (Tuberculosis) blood testing (based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, we have moved away from performing PPD tests for immigration physicals)
  4. Chest x-ray[$75] (necessary only when TB test is positive; the x-ray must not be older than 1 year)
  5. Syphilis blood testing (RPR) is required for ages 15-and-older (blood work performed at outside lab; not older than 1 year)
  6. As of August 1, 2016, a Gonorrhea urine test is required for ages 15-and-older (urine test performed at outside lab)
  7. MMR titers if born in 1957 or later; MMR vaccine if titers are not immune [$150 for MMR]
  8. Varicella titer if no history of chicken pox; Varicella vaccine if titer is not immune [$200 for Varicella]
  9. Flu vaccine (during flu season [October to March]; flu vaccine is under $40 at a pharmacy or primary care office)
  10. For ages 65-and-older, Pneumococcal vaccine [$150 for Pneumovax23]
  11. For ages 17-20, Meningococcal vaccine

Upon completion, a signed I-693 form with supporting documentation will be provided in a sealed envelope. This envelope may NOT be opened and is to be submitted to the USCIS as part of the application process. When submitting to USCIS or an attorney, please do not write or place stamps on the sealed envelope (if mailing, please place the sealed envelope in a separate, larger stamped envelope).

12 Frequently Asked Questions (Please Read These!)

At Surya IMC, we have been performing immigration physicals since October 2014. We have become proficient at completing this process. Immigration physicals are a core part of our practice. We do the physicals on a walk-in basis. The 4,000-square-foot facility is just down the street from the USCIS Albany field office (which is located at 1086 Troy Schenectady Rd in Latham, NY).

Our main drawback is that there is only one physician at our facility (if the practice is busy that day, there can be delays in the signing of the paperwork). However, we have addressed this issue by hiring competent nursing staff who can assist with the completion of the forms. Our office is organized and dedicated to the proper completion of the I-693 form.

Generally, motivated individuals should expect to get their completed, sealed I-693 envelope within 3-5 business days of their initial visit. Typically, a total of two visits is required.

Immigrants who need an interpreter can complete the process within 3 visits.

Except for Saturday, we perform immigration physicals on a walk-in basis from 8:45 am to 6:00 pm, Monday – Friday. On Saturday morning, we perform immigration physicals by appointment only (call 518-867-8080, x4 to schedule a Saturday morning appointment).

Please do not bring in the form. We have the form. We will complete it on a computer.

For adults (ages 15-and-older) who have no records, the typical charge at our office is $285 ($200 for the physical and $85 for the Tdap). For senior patients (ages 65 and older), a pneumococcal vaccine is also required ($150 at our facility). Children generally have vaccination records at their primary care office (please bring in these records). For children, the typical charge at our office is $200 (for the physical). Laboratory studies for adults (defined as 15-and-older) typically involve a Quantiferon Gold (TB test), RPR (syphilis test), MMR titers (not required for persons born before 1957), and Varicella titer. The cost of the lab studies varies based on insurance and can be as high as $500Please note: these lab tests are considered screening tests (not diagnostic). Some insurers do not cover screening tests. A screening code (Z13.9) will be listed on the lab script.

During flu season (October through March), flu vaccine can be obtained through a pharmacy or a primary care office for under $40.

If the Quantiferon Gold (TB test) is positive, then a chest x-ray is needed. We charge $75 for the chest x-ray (and do not go through insurance). For interested individuals, we can send you to a walk-in imaging center with a chest x-ray script where your insurance can be used (we typically send people to ImageCare at 711 Troy Schenectady Rd at Capital Region Health Park in Latham, NY).

If the MMR titers are not immune, we charge $150 for an MMR vaccine (and do not go through insurance). You have the option of going to your primary, the health department, or another urgent care center to get the MMR vaccine. Please note that MMR is a two-shot series where the second shot is obtained 4 weeks or later after the first shot (only the first shot is needed to proceed with the I-693 paperwork). The MMR vaccine is not required for persons born before 1957.

If the Varicella titer is not immune, we charge $200 for a Varicella vaccine (and do not go through insurance). You have the option of going to your primary, the health department, or another urgent care center to get the Varicella vaccine. Please note that Varicella is a two-shot series where the second shot is obtained 4 weeks or later after the first shot (only the first shot is needed to proceed with the I-693 paperwork).

No. At Surya IMC, the exam is performed by Dr. Kamath, who is a male physician. The external genitalia exam of a woman is brief, attended by a female assistant, and tolerated by most individuals. If an external genitalia exam by a male makes you uncomfortable, you should seek the services of a female civil surgeon.

Please inform the front desk staff that you are pregnant. Please provide all lab reports that have been performed during pregnancy (these can be obtained from your OB/GYN office). The tetanus injection (Tdap) is recommended at 27-36 weeks of gestation (if you are not currently in your 3rd trimester, we can proceed with the I-693 form without Tdap). Varicella and MMR are both live vaccines which are contraindicated (not to be received) during pregnancy (we can proceed with the I-693 form without these vaccines; the vaccines, if needed, would have to be received after delivery).

Yes. For the purposes of this process, the BCG vaccine is not recognized. Please note that we have received instruction from Homeland Security to follow the recent recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control to stop performing PPD placements (we now perform Quantiferon Gold blood tests for immigration physicals).

No. We will perform a Quantiferon Gold blood test (as recommended by the CDC). If the blood test is positive, the chest x-ray would need to be repeated. Please note that the RPR test and gonorrhea test cannot be older than one year.

No. Adults need to sign their own I-693 forms. Children who are 14-and-older need to sign their own I-693 forms. A parent may sign for children 13-and-under.

No. Family members are not allowed to interpret. We will set up an interpreter at no charge to you. Please call us at 518-867-8080, x4 to arrange for the presence of an interpreter.

Yes. You will receive copies of all supporting documents (labs, vaccines, physical). You will receive a copy of the I-693 form after it has been signed.